Remember! Whether you are an experienced athlete or you are venturing into a new sport, it’s important to talk to your coaches, parents and doctors about changes to your diet. Each athlete is different and every individual will have different preferences for food on the day of their competition; make sure your food plan suits you!

TOP TIP: Don’t forget your fluids! We all recognise the importance of hydrating and rehydrating on the day, but you should also be drinking more in the days prior to your event, too. 

TOP TIP: Your food intake on competition day will be different from your normal diet routine, but it should also start the day before. Lunch and dinner the day prior to your competition should include a slight increase in healthy carbohydrates, to ensure your glycogen is stocked up. Be sensible in your portions: you don’t want to overload!

TOP TIP: Breakfast is well-known to be the most important meal of the day: on competition day, it is even more crucial! Make sure you’re taking in a healthy balance of carbs, protein and fats before heading to your competition. This could be oatmeal with fruit or yoghurt, or a savoury option like a sandwich… the options are endless!

Snacks, eaten 1-2 hours before your competition or in between events, should also be a good source of these too. Check out healthier options of granola bars or crackers with balanced toppings! Check out our top five snack ideas here.

TOP TIP: Don’t underestimate the power of fruit in your competition day diet! While it may not seem the most filling of options, fruit is a fantastic, healthy source of energy. As well as being easily digestible between events, it contains fructose for energy and also helps to replenish glycogen.

TOP TIP: Having reached the end your competition, one of your priorities should be refuelling your body. Within an hour of finishing, take in carbohydrates and protein.  You may be travelling home so soon after the event, but snacks are still important: you could try a trail mix, a protein packed sandwich or a recovery-based smoothie, before a balanced dinner later on.