The Indoor Canoeing and Rowing event will be introduced this year, with athletes of all ages competing on specialist machines, to try and boost participation and youth interest within the two sports.

This mixed competition is a fantastic way to engage more young people with this traditional sport, making it far more accessible – no rivers needed!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Indoor Rowing technique uses a whopping 85% of your muscles?

Rowing and canoeing events can take place in a variety of different forms, with differing seating positions and varying paddles/oars. More recently, a growing number of rowing and canoeing competitions are hosted indoors, using increasingly clever and realistic technology.

At this year’s National Finals, Canoeing athletes will use the impressive technology of the Kayakpro Compact ergometer to take part in a 200m race. The competition is made as fair as possible each competitor will be weighed, discreetly, prior to their race, which will be inputted into the race software and used to calibrate the machine.

In canoeing, the stamina and technique needed in controlling your paddle movement is vital!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Team GB have won 17 Olympic canoeing medals, since its inclusion in 1936?

Rowing will include ‘Individual’ and ‘Team’ competitions. For the ‘Individual’ races, rowers will take part in a seeding time trial where they will be placed in an appropriate final. Split into age group events, the rower who rows the furthest distance on an indoor rowing machine, over the set timed period, wins.

Year 9 will race over 4 minutes, Year 10 over 5 minutes and Year 11 over 6 minutes. Control, endurance, strength and focus will be vital for these athletes!

In the Team Relay teams of four (two boys, and two girls) race over a distance of 2000m (500m each). These races are fast-paced and thrilling, with each rower racing a short distance before quickly changing over with a teammate.

Fun Fact: Did you know the Team GB Rowing squad collectively won three golds and two silver medals in the 2016 Olympics, putting them top of the Rowing medal table?!

We can’t wait to see this year’s top UK athletes take part in this new and revitalised multi-sport competition.  Don’t miss out on your early-bird tickets: buy them here!