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UKAD are on a mission to educate young athletes about the importance of anti-doping, building the values in the next generation of sporting stars and developing their understanding of clean sport.

Whilst there are, unfortunately, more and more cases of athlete doping making the headlines, understanding of what is and isn’t allowed in sport still remains relatively low.

A fact that many athletes don’t realise is that banned substances can even be found in some dietary supplements. A label that claims it is approved for athletes, or claims it is approved by UKAD, means nothing; UKAD does not approve any dietary supplements at all!

As a young athlete, your body is under strain from training, competing and also growing: in some cases, supplements could help. UKAD’s best advice, when considering dietary supplements, is to seek guidance from a nutritionist or medical professional.

Buying online can put you in danger of receiving ‘fake’ supplements, and thorough research should be undertaken before you decide to include any supplements in your diet.

Remember – doping can lead to a four-year ban! Stay clean.

More information on UKAD’s athlete education programme, 100% Me, can be found on their website.