Laser Run is a sport that welcomes all ages, levels and abilities, with no previous experience needed. Having grown into its own competition, the Laser Run originated from the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon, with athletes alternating between running and shooting a laser pistol at designated targets.

Fun Fact: The Modern Pentathlon is inspired by the Ancient Pentathlon, which was based around the five most desired skills of a soldier at the time!

Together on the starting line, athletes set off to complete a short run, before finding their allocated laser shooting bay. When they have registered five accurate shots or 50 seconds (whichever comes first) athletes must complete their run!

Most importantly, Laser Run offers a fantastic entry point to multi-sports (like Modern Pentathlon or Triathlon) as well as introducing young athletes to lesser-known sports, such as Shooting.

It challenges stamina and speed, along with focus and composure; all of these important athletic skills are translatable to other sports, too!

Both individual and relay events for both boys and girls will take place, making the fast-paced action not one to be missed.

Fun Fact: The current Laser Run World Record stands at 9:56.02!

We can’t wait to see this year’s top UK athletes take part in this new and revitalised multi-sport competition. Don’t miss out on your early-bird tickets: buy them here!