Athlete Education Programme

The Athlete Education Programme is at the heart of the 2021 School Games, creating a positive experience that supports athletes to best prepare for a future in and alongside sport.

Through providing unique learning experiences within a multi-sport environment, athletes are supported to explore a range of contributing topics that they encounter being a young person and young athlete and will likely encounter throughout their journey within sport. A core focus of athlete wellbeing runs through the education programme including opportunities to learn about life alongside sport, social media and athlete voice. The athlete education programme provides young athletes with the knowledge and tools to support them to make the best decisions for them now and in the future.

Through the Athlete Education Programme athletes can expect to:

  • Meet and hear about the journeys of elite athlete mentors;
  • Explore in more detail, real-time distractions of a multi-sport environment;
  • Understand the importance of athlete wellbeing and the team you have around you.
  • Understand the importance of career opportunities alongside and after sport;
  • Understand the impact of social media and digital technology on your performance and career;
  • Understand the values and benefits of clean sport;

The 2021 School Games creates a safe environment for athlete to explore these topics with their peers, ask questions, reflect on their own choices and most of all, understand reasoning and rationale behind them.