3x3 Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is the biggest Paralympic team sport in the UK. It is a fast-paced and fast-growing sport that allows disabled and non-disabled people to compete together in its domestic leagues and competitions.

Wheelchair basketball 3x3 is played on half a basketball court, with three players each side competing in specially designed sports chairs that maximise the speed and agility required to play this fast-paced sport.

The game is played in a ten-minute period where players must compete to score the most baskets. Movement up the court is measured in dribbling – that’s one bounce for every two pushes of the chair in the wheelchair game! The first team which scores 21 points or more wins the game if the final basket is scored before the end of regular playing time.

To ensure fairness across the game, much like other disability sports wheelchair basketball utilises a classification system. Classification is based on the players' functional capacity to complete the skills necessary to play - pushing, pivoting and shooting. Each player is assigned a classification number, and the total points on the court at any time for one team is a maximum of 8.5. This ensures that the level of play on court is balanced and that everyone can take part.

In the UK, the National Governing Body for the sport is British Wheelchair Basketball, who run the domestic leagues (made up of 85 teams!) and GB Performance teams.

Did You Know?

  • Wheelchair basketball is one of the world's oldest Para sports, and was one of the 'original eight' at the first Paralympic Games in Rome 1960.
  • Wheelchair basketball is a contact sport – given the speed of play on court and manoeuvres required to outwit and out speed opponents, it can be difficult to brake in time! Some contact is permitted, but head-on collisions are not allowed and could lead to ejection from the game.
  • The UK is home to the Stoke Mandeville Stadium, which has become known as the ‘home of wheelchair sport’ and the ‘birthplace of the Paralympic Games’. Wheelchair basketball was featured in the first ever edition of these games as a rehabilitation exercise for injured servicemen and women.


The Ball Park at Loughborough University

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