Hockey has always been a popular inclusion at the School Games and will return again this year with another intriguing tournament that should provide plenty of action not to be missed.

Hockey is fast, furious and physically demanding team sport. Squads consist of 18 players, with 11 players on the pitch at one time and rolling subs. Matches consist of 4 periods of 15 minutes, with the team scoring the most goals winning. 

It is one of the most participated sports in the country and is a great way to develop social, team and communication skills. It’s not just fun to play, it’s also a rapidly growing spectator sport.

England will host the women's Hockey World Cup in July 2018 and the hosts will be amongst the favourites to claim victory after Team GB's success at Rio two summers ago. A thrilling penalty shoot-out victory over the Netherlands saw the team claim gold in Brazil, four years after taking bronze in London. 

It was only the British team's fourth field hockey success at the Summer Olympics following victories for the men in 1908 (as England), 1920 and 1988.

Hockey at the 2018 School Games

There will be both Boys’ and Girls’ events taking place this summer at Loughborough University, teams will be confirmed in March but usually include representation from England, Scotland, Wales and Ulster.

Selection policy

Download the selection policy for Hockey

What's on


Thursday 30 August 2018

Pitch 1
14:00 G1 England Blue v England White
16:00 G2 England Red v Ulster
Pitch 2
14:00 B1 England White v England Blue
16:00 B2 Ulster v England Red

Friday 31 August 2018

Pitch 1
09:00 B3 Scotland v England White
11:00 B4 England Blue v Ulster
14:00 G5 Ulster v Scotland
16:00 G6 England blue v England Red
Pitch 2
09:00 G3 Scotland v England Blue
11:00 G4 England White v England Red
14:00 B5 England Red v Scotland
16:00 B6 England White v Ulster

Saturday 1 September 2018

Pitch 1
10:00 G7 England White v Ulster
12:00 B7 England Blue v England Red
15:00 G8 England Red v Scotland
17:00 B8 Ulster v Scotland

Sunday 2 September 2018

Pitch 1
10:00 G9 Ulster v England Blue
12:00 B9 England Red v England White
Pitch 2
10:00 G10 Scotland v England White
12:00 B10 Scotland v England Blue

Did you know?

  • Typically a goalkeeper has 0.2 seconds to react to a penalty corner.
  • The first organised club was the Blackheath Football and Hockey Club, which dates back to at least 1861.
  • Hockey has been involved in the School Games Finals since the event's conception.
  • Actress Emma Watson is one of many famous people who played Hockey when she was at School.
  • In a full game of hockey, players can travel as far as five miles while running around the pitch. Men’s hockey also boasts the fastest swing speed of any sport- it’s even quicker than golf and baseball.