Athletics has been part of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games since their inceptions. At the 2018 School Games, competitors will take to the track and field for what promises to be an action packed sports programme.

The School Games has a rich history in athletics having seen a number of world-class athletes pass through its competitions, including Paralympic gold medallists Jonnie Peacock and Hannah Cockroft, as well as Olympians Katarina Johnson-Thompson, Dina Asher-Smith and Adam Gemili, just to name a few. There's every chance you could be seeing the next rising star at Loughborough University this summer!

Athletics has been a cornerstone of the Olympic Games since its inaugural edition in 1896. It has also been in every Paralympic Games since the disability competition was introduced in 1960. Team GB have won 201 Olympic athletics medals, more than twice as many as in any other sport, with 55 of those medals gold. Only the United States, with 801, have won more Olympic athletics medals than Team GB.

Athletics at the 2018 School Games

A huge selection of events including Discus, Hammer Throw, High Jump, Hurdles, Javelin, Long Jump, Pole Vault, Running and Relays, Shot Put, Steeplechase and Triple Jump. The athletics competition will also include a fully incorporated disability programme.

Selection criteria

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What's on

Thursday 30 August

No events

Saturday 1 September

Sunday 2 September

No events


Friday 31 August 2018

Paula Radcliffe Athletics Track
12:30 Boys Hammer
12:30 Boys Pole Vault
12:30 Girls Long Jump
12:30 Boys Ambulant Shot
12:30 Girls Ambulant Shot
12:30 Girls 300m Hurdles
12:40 Boys 400m Hurdles
12:50 Boys 800m
13:00 Girls 800m
13:05 Combined 100m Wheelchair
13:10 Boys 100m Ambulant
13:15 Girls 100m Ambulant
13:25 Girls 300m
13:30 Girls High Jump
13:35 Boys Long Jump
13:40 Boys 400m
13:40 Boys Javelin
13:45 Girls 400m Ambulant/T20
13:50 Boys 400m Ambulant T/20
14:00 Boys 100m
14:10 Girls 100m
14:20 Girls 1500m
14:30 Boys 1500m
14:40 Girls Discus
14:45 Boys Ambulant Long Jump
14:45 Girls Ambulant Long Jump
14:50 Girls Javelin
14:55 Boys 1500m Steeplechase
15:10 Girls 1500m Steeplechase
15:25 Boys 3000m
15:35 Boys Relay Medley
15:35 Girls Relay Medley

Saturday 1 September 2018

Paula Radcliffe Athletics Track
11:00 Combined Seated Discus/Ambulant Discus
11:00 Girls Hammer
11:00 Girls Pole Vault
11:00 Boys High Jump
11:25 Girls 200m
11:35 Boys 200m
11:45 Girls 3000m
12:15 Girls 80m Hurdles
12:15 Girls Triple Jump
12:20 Boys Discus
12:30 Boys Shot Put
12:30 Boys 100m Hurdles
12:45 Combined 800m Wheelchair
13:00 Boys 200m Ambulant
13:10 Girls 200m Ambulant
13:30 Boys Triple Jump
13:40 Girls Shot Put
14:00 Girls 4 x 100m
14:10 Boys 4 x 100m
14:20 Girls 4 x 300m
14:30 Boys 4 x 400m

Did you know?

  • When Great Britain’s Jonathan Edwards set the current Triple Jump world record of 18.29m to win at the 1995 IAAF World Championships, he jumped a distance in excess of the width of a football penalty box.
  • Shot Put: A version of the modern form of Shot Put can be traced to the Highland Games in Scotland during the 19th century where competitors threw a rounded cube, stone or metal weight from behind a line.
  • One of the original events at the Ancient Olympics was the ‘diaulos’, a race around two marks on a course roughly equivalent to the current 400m.